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Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield's MEA Benefits Trust home page.

Anthem Open Enrollment -Explore Your Benefits Booklet 2022-2023

Youi have health plan with benefits that meet your individual needs. That's why they are worth exploring. We offer the toold, resources, services, and programs to support you throughout your healthcare journey - with Maine Education Association (MEA) Benefits Trust by your side.

Anthem's COVID-19 Resource Center
Anthem's Drug Formulary

To see if your prescription falls on Tier IA or 1B, II, III or IV.


What it Means in a Full Valuation Year for a School District Cheiron, the MEABT’s GASB 75 actuarial firm’s recorded discussion.

Maine Education Association

MEA formed as an association in November 1859. Over the ensuing 150 years the Association’s mission has remained remarkably unchanged. The words may vary, but the core beliefs remain the same. Our mission is and has been:

  • to improve the quality of education for each student in our classrooms;
  • to ensure public support and adequate funding for public education;
  • to ensure access to a free education – free from cost, but also free from fear and discrimination;
  • to raise the standards for the profession;
  • to secure the autonomy of the profession; and
  • to advance the interests and welfare of educators.

Maine’s Pre-K-12 public schools and system of higher education are built upon the hard work of generations of teachers and support staff. Tens of thousands have served in our classrooms and tens of thousands have supported their work. Hundreds of thousands of students have benefited from their instruction and, as a result, Maine and the world are a better place.

Maine Public Employees Retirement System

To contact MainePERS for more information on your Maine State Retirement.

MEA Retired

This website provides you with information and links for active teachers who are preparing for retirement. As an active teacher planning for retirement, or a retiree who is not yet a member of MEA-R, they want you to know the benefits of membership.

Medicare Advantage Educational Recording


Silver Sneakers Locations

As for current status of each location (closures and re-openings due to COVID19), we were attempting to track that and update the location finder with this information however with the situation continuing to be ever evolving, we now have a note under each location that recommends the member contact the facility to learn more about their specific hours of operation and find out any additional safety measures that are taking place at the location so that they know what to expect.

Time Well Spent

Think of Time Well Spent as your own health library. Use it whenever and however you want to help your employees get and stay healthy. It gives you materials and toolkits to help educate your employees on ways to improve their overall health and well-being. The site offers posters, articles, flyers and more to share information with workers on a variety of health topics.

And best of all, you can use the information in Time Well Spent at no extra cost.

Time Well Spent’s resources include:

    Health articles
    Payroll stuffers
    Healthy recipes and cooking tips
    Materials in Spanish
    A complete health assessment promotional toolkit
    An easy-to-use calendar of wellness topics

When employees are healthy, they’re less likely to miss work days, be more likely to stay productive and be less costly than unhealthy employees. It’s a win-win-win for everyone!