You can virtually visit with a board-certified doctor, psychologist, or psychiatrist from your smartphone, tablet, or computer with a camera when you can’t go to a doctor or clinic in person.

° LiveHealth Online is included at no additional cost.

° Dermatologists can diagnose and provide a treatment plan in under three days for skin, hair, and nail conditions based off uploaded photos, and write a prescription, if necessary.

° Doctors can treat rashes, infections, colds, and the flu, provide sleep and lactation support, and write prescriptions if they feel you need one.

° Psychologists and therapists can provide talk therapy, while a psychiatrist can prescribe medicines, if you need them.

They can even send a prescription to your pharmacy.

Sign up at or download the app to begin. You can also call LiveHealth Online at 844-784-8409 from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. ET.

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