Member Assistance Program

We know that balancing work and family needs can be a challenge. But your MEA Benefits Trust Members Assistance Program (MAP) — is here to help.
Your MAP gives services to you and to members of your household, no matter what insurance coverage you have.
Highly trained MAP staff can offer information and advice to help you solve a wide range of problems — from relationship and family concerns to anxiety, depression, alcohol and drug abuse, even financial and legal issues.
MAP licensed clinicians will answer your calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Rest assured that any contact you have with your MAP is confidential.

Your full service MAP gives you access to:

Identity recovery- Assess your risk for identity theft and learn how to fix any potential problems.

Help with legal and financial concerns- Provided by a licensed attorney or certified financial advisor.

Dependent care referrals- Find child and eldercare providers, either on-line or by calling MAP directly.

Convenience services- Information on pet sitters, educational choices, summer camp programs and more.

Smoking cessation- Get phone coaching and online tools to help with quitting.

Member center- Includes a listing of MAP providers in your area and referrals for routine counseling.

To learn more about MAP services or to start using them, just call your MAP at 855-686-5615. Be sure to tell us you’re a member of MEA Benefits Trust. You can also visit and use this log-in: MEABT. (your company)
Your MAP services are provided to you and members of your household at no cost to you and with no limit on how often you can call.

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